Jackson Bierfeldt

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Hello! I'm Jackson Bierfeldt, a web developer, audio engineer, teacher, and digital artist, based in Central Europe and the United States.
I'm originally from Northeastern Ohio, currently live in Vienna, Austria, and have previously lived in Chicago and Washington, D.C.
The purpose of this website is to serve as place to organize and collect all of my various activities and interests. The best way to get in contact with me is via email!


I did my undergraduate work in Linguistics and Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago. My research interests were primarily in the history of science in the German-speaking world. I wrote my thesis about an amateaur science popularizer named Raoul Francé, and his attempts to use psuedo-scientific ideas about "order" and "naturalness" found in the world of plants to explain and justify the distribution of humans and cultures around the world.
I'm now in a master's program in Applied Linguistics (Angewandte Linguistik) at the University of Vienna, with a research interest in foreign language acquisition.
A big part of my life is audio. I have a small podcast production company, have worked for several years as a podcast editor and mastering engineer, and do sound design for film, XR, and installation.
In addition to actually working in the DAW (mostly REAPER) and making, mixing, and mastering audio, I also teach audio (post-)production basics. I also develop audio technology for the web.
You can learn more in the Audio sectionof this site.
I make multiplayer, browser-based games. Sometimes alone, sometimes with collaborators.
I'm mostly interested in turn-based strategy games (like chess, Carcasonne, Civilization) but have recently taken an interest in translating "party" games—the kind that you play with a group of friends around a table—to the web.
I use a variety of frameworks and libraries, but pretty much everything I do is built with Javascript and Socket.io.
You can learn more in the Games sectionof this site.

Web Development

Web development is probably my oldest and biggest hobby. My first job ever was as a web developer for my local school district, where I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Since then, I've been dabbling and tinkering around, mostly working with Javascript and its entire universe of frameworks, libraries, and tools.
You can see some of my public and open source projects over on my Github page.


I really want to regularly write about what I'm doing and learning and put it somewhere online. I've tried doing this several times, most recently over at thisweekinlearning.com. I had a development blog for a little while, wrote one giant post about implementing an algorithm in a game I was developing, and then took a several year break.
Consider this block aspirational. Hopefully something will live here some day.


I'm involved in many areas of audio production, post-production, and education. My expertise is mostly in podcast (post-)production, location sound, and studio construction. I do commercial audio work under my production company: Bierfeldt Audio, LLC.
In addition to having worked as an editor, producer, and mastering engineer on a wide range of podcasts (from hundreds of listeners per episode to hundreds of thousands), I'm also very passionate about audio education. I've trained many students and early-career professionals in the basics of podcast production, editing, and mastering. I'm proficient in and can instruct in the use of all the major DAWs (I personally use REAPER and Ableton Live).

Podcast Production / Editing

Production Website

Sound Design for Film / XR / Installation

Aside from commerical podcasting work, I also do creative sound design for film, XR, and installation. My work has been featured in digital installations and at film festivals across the United States and Europe, including the BFI London Film Festival and the Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.
Upcoming projects include more immersive dreamscapes, based on the stories of Bruno Schulz, and a recording trip to greenland, to capture the sounds of a melting iceberg, for use in a VR project about the earth's changing natural landscape. More information soon!

Past Clients



A slip-drawing party game that uses the power of randomiziation to create hilarious, thought-provoking, and memorable conversations among a group of friends. A perfect game for talkative, clever, witty people. Play on Zoom or in-person.

Play Subject+Predicate

Close Quarters

A turn-based, game-theory, multiplayer strategy game with retro graphics and exponentially increasing complexity. A cross between chess and battleship. Make a strategy, place your units, submit your turn, and then watch the action. Play with friends or strangers.

Play Close Quarters

Untitled Road Connecting Game

Inspired by Carcasonne and other tile-placing games, this turn-based multiplayer game asks players to take turns placing tiles of a road and trying to build the largest self-enclosed networks possible. A work-in-progress.

Play This Game