Audio Production / Engineering

I currently live in Chicago and work remotely as an audio producer and engineer for podcast, radio, film, and installation. Experience in production/post-production audio for television, radio, and film.

Check out my production company's website: Bierfeldt Audio


I've worked an Assistant English teacher in two secondary high schools near Vienna, Austria. Former student of Linguistics (B.A. '17) at the University of Chicago. Specialized in pronunciation, acquisition and development.

I also offer two tutoring programs (both remote and in-person) for clients who already possess a high level of English proficiency: 1) Academic English for research and publication and 2) mastering American English pronunciation. For inquiries about pricing/availability, please send me an email.


Graduate of Germanic Studies and Linguistics (B.A. '17) at the University of Chicago. Written and presented work on a wide range of historical and literary topics, including Raoul Heinrich Francé and his "Lebenslehre," Thomas Mann, Heimat Studies, Animal Studies, German Biology and Modernism, and the History of Botanical Science.


Freelance Web developer proficient in a number of languages and frameworks including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Django. Previously employed by schools and universities for both web design and web-application development. Currently interested in web-implementations of VR Video and Audio, data visualization, and DOM-based graphical implementation for simple JavaScript games.